Album Update

Thank you all for the support! ­čÖé


New single is days away!

I wish I could wait, I really do… With Valve Clinic debut only weeks away from being released, and with me just coming out with an album in July; It’s just a little odd of a time to be releasing anything solo wise right now. I explained somewhat my reasons behind this decision in my first blog post, but right now I will wrap it up….. I have a certain schedule I like my release dates to fall upon… I like to come out with a new album every April/May, and have a new single for the next album be out that October/November. Origin Of Species came out so much later than I wanted it, but that does NOT mean I have to wait that long to post a single as well, and besides; I also explained before that I don’t count the Origin Of Species series to be “real” albums. Their more like special edition storyline based albums that are separate from the rest of my music… So The album I am working on now will be more on par with “This Is Not A Test” Hope that explains everything. New single “Televisionism” Coming soon!┬á

The Beginning

Finally getting around to doing this. It would have made more sense to blog about my last album (Origin Of Species: Journals Of An Evolving Man) while I was making it, but it never really crossed my mind and perhaps the secretiveness of the project itself made it more┬ámystic… But that’s not what this blog is about. That album was not a regular album for me. Not at all, yet it is one of my most prized creations. I’m very proud of it, but I never really thought of it as an album. I thought of it as a film told through my musical style because of it’s concept. Musically, especially the first half of the album really dived into musical styles I normally wouldn’t have messed around with. However, that was all a part of the plan.

Now, as I said before… This blog is about something new… Yet old. I started working on new material while I was making Journals Of An Evolving Man. I know that sounds bizarre, but I had other things in mind. The best way to explain it is: Origin Of Species is series placed under the “Jordan Humble” name and is kept separate from the other projects. It’s also not over yet, I will be making more in the future, but those projects have nothing to do with my regular albums. So technically if you want to look at it this way. This will be some of my newest “Jordan Humble” Material since “This Is Not A Test” back in early 2011. This album will also sound more similar to it as well.

Now let’s take a moment of silence to rid your mind from the confusing bullshit I just put you though……………………………………………………..

Good? Awesome! Okay now let’s get down to business… What is this blog about? It’s a documentation of the album I’m currently working on entitled: “Separation Of Sound And State”

The reason I wanted to blog about the making of this album is because I love it when artists I listen to do this. I feel more connected to them and anticipate the release of their albums more because I feel like I was there the whole time making it with them. Well that’s how I want to make you feel. I want to include you in the process and I plan on doing this from now on with my solo work. Over the course of the next six months or so, there will be blogs, pics, vlogs, and more! So stay tuned!

There’s not much to say about the album at this point other than it is going to be a satire on the media and it’s use as a vessel to control society. It will feature a lot more humor and will be just loads of fun. So with that being said: The first single is going to be coming out in November, more info on that soon! Talk to you guys soon!

~Jordan Humble~