New single is days away!

I wish I could wait, I really do… With Valve Clinic debut only weeks away from being released, and with me just coming out with an album in July; It’s just a little odd of a time to be releasing anything solo wise right now. I explained somewhat my reasons behind this decision in my first blog post, but right now I will wrap it up….. I have a certain schedule I like my release dates to fall upon… I like to come out with a new album every April/May, and have a new single for the next album be out that October/November. Origin Of Species came out so much later than I wanted it, but that does NOT mean I have to wait that long to post a single as well, and besides; I also explained before that I don’t count the Origin Of Species series to be “real” albums. Their more like special edition storyline based albums that are separate from the rest of my music… So The album I am working on now will be more on par with “This Is Not A Test” Hope that explains everything. New single “Televisionism” Coming soon! 


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